New Date Set For The Return Of Camerhogne Folk Festival In Sauteurs St. Patrick

PR –  December 8-10, 2023, is the new date for the return of the  Camerhogne Folk Festival in St. Patrick, which will feature talent from all over Grenada.  

On display will be arts and craft, and different dishes among others. 

A local committee, working in conjunction with the Division of Culture, is tasked with  implementing the return of the festival, which was officially launched on September 30 at the Sauteurs Bus Terminal. 

Hon. Ron. Redhead, Minister with responsibility for Culture, who officially declared the  festival open, said the government is investing more than EC$100,000.00 in the  festival.  

This, he said is meant to return cultural life in the parish, while boosting economic  activity; a deliberate investment to harness the cultural potential of St. Patrick. He  urged the people of the parish to “embrace your culture, support the community and  invest in the cultural development of both the East and West of St. Patrick.  

Also speaking at the launch was the Member of Parliament for St Patrick West, and  Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Export Development, Hon. Joseph Andall, who  spoke to the range of benefits that the festival can bring to the Parish, and encouraged  patrons to focus their energy on preserving it. 

Hon. Joseph Andall also noted his campaign promise to return the festival in full, and  expressed the Government’s commitment to support creative arts through the  implementation of the 100% concession for selected equipment used by those within  the creative industry, and other plans to develop culture in Grenada.  

He added that “being the historic parish and the cultural capital of Grenada, plans are  afoot to provide the necessary facilities to preserve what the parish is best known for.  Land is presently being sought to erect a multipurpose cultural centre for the parish.”