Netherlands Insurances Hosts Sober Up Zones At Select 2023 Carnival Events

PR –  The carnival season is a time of celebration, joy, and camaraderie, and Netherlands Insurance recognizes the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants. 

This year, Netherland Insurance is once again bringing ‘Sober Up Zones’ at select 2023 carnival events across the island. These dedicated ‘zones’, created in conjunction with SOL Petroleum, Coca-Cola, Dasani, and Bryden & Minors, are designed to provide carnival-goers, event attendees, and concert enthusiasts with a safe space to rest, rejuvenate, access non-alcoholic beverages and snacks, and even receive free breathalyzer tests before getting behind the wheel. 

With the Sober Up Zones, these companies aim to promote responsible drinking habits while patrons enjoy the revelry of this festive season. 

“As we celebrate the vibrant spirit of carnival, Netherlands Insurance is committed to promoting safety and responsibility. Our Sober Up Zones are an initiative that encourages event and concertgoers to have a great time while making smart decisions about alcohol consumption and driving while intoxicated. We want everyone to enjoy the festivities without compromising their well-being or that of others”, explained Richard Strachan, Managing Director of Netherlands Insurance. 

This year’s Sober Up Zones will feature: 

  1. Rejuvenating Drinks and Snacks: Offering a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages including water, coffee and teas plus healthy snacks to keep participants refreshed and energized throughout the festivities.
  2. Free Voluntary Breathalyzer Tests: To encourage responsible alcohol consumption, Netherlands Insurance will provide complimentary breathalyzer tests at the Sober Up Zones. Carnival-goers can use this service to check their blood alcohol levels before hitting the road, ensuring they are fit to drive safely.
  3. Comfortable and Relaxing Atmosphere: Where attendees can unwind from the vibrant, festive atmosphere.

The Sober Up Zones will be available at the following select 2023 carnival events:

  1. Pree Day Black & Gold Edition – 9th August, 2023, Grenada National Stadium
  2. Bacchanal Friday – 11th August, 2023, Grenada National Stadium
  3. The Biggest White – 13th August, 2023, Grenada National Stadium