NDC To Hold Historic Party Convention

PR – “There is No Rebuilding Without “U” and “I”. This is the theme under which delegates of the NDC will meet this coming Sunday 31 October 2021 for a historic Convention.

Delegates and contenders for the different positions on the National Executive Council have been preparing themselves for this pivotal and historic party Convention, that will see the election of a new executive under a new leader. It is expected that youth and energy will be blended with maturity and experience.

In preparation, members participated in a series of pre-Convention activities, including debates and interviews before the party members and a special committee set up for the purpose. There has also been heavy canvassing of delegates in the true spirit of democracy as exemplified in the NDC. The final pre-Convention event, a town hall meeting, was held last night, with contenders for Political Leader forming the panel.

This will be the country’s first ever virtual Convention and election by a political party. In this regard, the NDC will be setting the trend.

Party members are expected to emerge from the Convention inspired, energized and ready to rebuild Grenada. The contenders have all pledged to party members and delegates, that after Sunday, the new leadership team will be ready to lead, ready to win.