NAWASA’s GM Commits To Successful Completion Of G-Crews Project

PR – The newly appointed Acting General Manager at the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), has committed to the successful completion of the transformative Green Climate Fund (G-Crews) project.

Mr. Terrence P. Smith, gave the commitment, following the commencement of pipeline installation under group 1 of the project, that will see new lines installed from NAWASA’s Mirabeau Water Treatment Plant through to Tivoli, St. Andrew; the Tufton Hall Water Treatment Plant to Queen Street, Victoria, St. Mark and Morne Rouge/The Limes, St. George.

Acknowledging some delays in the implementation of the project, Mr. Smith assures that actions have been taken to address these inadequacies. “Let me just assure the public that the authority, during the course of this year, has taken steps to address some of these delays and shortcomings, including recruitment of additional skilled, professional manpower, engineers, and so forth.”

Mr. Smith affirmed, “As I embark on this leadership role at NAWASA, I am committed to guiding our talented professionals and staff to ensure the timely completion of all project implementation works by November 2025. Our aim is to utilize the G-Crews project funding effectively and efficiently, leaving no room for funds to return to the funding agency”.

The G-Crews project signifies a landmark initiative in Grenada’s pursuit of a resilient and sustainable water future, aligning with global efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Recognizing the urgency imposed by changing weather patterns, the project is set to execute an extensive overhaul of pipelines across various sizes and the installation of resilient water storage tanks. These adaptations aim to accommodate the challenges of reduced and irregular rainfall, a direct consequence of the global climate shift.

Funded collaboratively by the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, and the Government of Grenada, this ground-breaking endeavour is designed to fortify the country’s water infrastructure against the intensifying challenges posed by erratic weather patterns.

The infusion of €45,000,000, approximately 125,000,000 EC dollars, has been judiciously allocated, with nearly half of the budget directed towards the design, procurement, and construction of new water infrastructure. This includes retrofitting existing assets to withstand extreme weather events, a crucial aspect of climate adaptation.