National Players Represent Grenada In The Prestigious 2023 Sports Visitor Programme 

PR – The Grenada Football Association (GFA) is thrilled to announce that  two of our young talented female football players are participating in the prestigious 2023 Sports  Visitor Programme (Youth Sports and Women’s Empowerment). Sponsored by the U.S.  Department of State in collaboration with FHI 360 Global Connections, the programme is taking  place from June 21st to July 5th in Princeton and Hightstown, New Jersey. 

Amelia Bubb, National U17 player and member of the Senior Women’s National Team, along with  Osean Williams, who was part of the National U15 Girls Team last year and now plays for the  National U17 Team, departed the island on Monday to participate. 

The 2023 Sports Visitor Programme gathers a total of 49 participants who will engage in both on field and classroom sessions. This dynamic and experiential sports-based exchange initiative aims  to empower female non-elite soccer players by introducing them to American excellence,  leadership, and best practices in sports. 

The programme provides a fully funded two-week exchange to the United States and is open to  athletes from the Eastern Caribbean, aged between 15 and 18. Participants will benefit from  engaging clinics and sessions focused on leadership, teambuilding, conflict resolution, as well as  inclusion and equity in sports. Furthermore, the program highlights how success in sports can  transcend into achievements in academics and life beyond the field. 

“The participation of Amelia Bubb and Osean Williams in the 2023 Sports Visitor Programme is a  remarkable opportunity for them to develop their skills, gain invaluable insights, and broaden  their horizons in the realm of women’s football,” stated President of the GFA Marlon Glean.  

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Amelia Bubb and Osean Williams for their selection  in the 2023 Sports Visitor Programme.