National Bus Association To Resume Public Transportation Services From 16th, September 2021.

PR – The National Bus Association would like to thank each affected member of the public for its patience during the last few days while public transportation service was suspended. Due to the high number of bus operators contracting COVID-19, the difficult decision to suspend operations was made. To be able to continue the service, better health and safety protocols for bus operators were needed. While the service was suspended, we were able to create protocols for public transportation which focuses on the safety of both the passengers and the bus operators.

Despite numerous claims of a strike and some non-compliance of our members, we believe
the initiatives undertaken during the suspension of service will benefit all. These initiatives

● Sanitation of buses
● Increased availability of masks to drivers and conductors and passengers
● Increased availability of 75% alcohol for sanitizing passengers and bus operators

Special Thanks to all sponsors and persons who helped make this initiative possible.
We thank you for your continued support