NaDMA To Conduct District Elections In March And April

PR – The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) will conduct District elections  in all seventeen districts throughout the tri -island state in the months of March and  April 2023. 

The objective is to strengthen the existing district committees and provide an  opportunity for new and existing volunteers to become involved in disaster risk  reduction at the district level. 

The Agency is therefore encouraging volunteers interested in serving people at the  community level and volunteers who received training in Disaster Management or  related fields, to use this opportunity to serve through the district teams. 

Offices to be filled include; District Coordinator, Deputy District Coordinator,  Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons for Health and Welfare, Supplies  Management, Shelter Management, Damage and Needs Assessment,  Telecommunications, Emergency Works and Transport, Public Education and  Information, and Safety and Security.  

A strong, robust and responsive district structure is a critical element in the Disaster  Management process, as the district committees form an important link to the national  structure. 

The dates, venues and times of the upcoming elections will be shared in a subsequent  media release.