Moroccan Government Scholarships Announcement 2024 -2025 

PR – The Government of Morocco, in collaboration with  the Government of Grenada, is offering Grenadian citizens undergraduate and graduate scholarship  opportunities for the academic year 2024-2025. 

All applicants must: 

first apply to the university for acceptance. 

  • be citizens of Grenada. 
  • have some level of mastery in the French language. 
  • be 19–23 years of age when applying for undergraduate studies. 
  • not be more than 35 years old when applying for a master’s degree and hold at least second class honours. 
  • not be more than 45 years old when applying for Ph.D. studies and hold a relevant master’s  degree from a recognised university. 

For more information on AMCI and public training institutions on the procedures and methods of  registration and stay in Morocco, as well as payment of the cooperation scholarships, please visit the  following websites

A directory of training institutions can be accessed at 

  • Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation: to access the list of  Moroccan public universities and higher institutes 
  • Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education, and Scientific  Research: and
  • Office of Vocational Training and Labour Promotion:
  • Insurance policy:
  • 2024-2025

Value of Scholarship 

The stipend is 1750 dirham per month (approximately US$175) and is granted for one (1) academic  year (from September to August). Payment of the stipend is based on the candidate’s attendance at  school and is facilitated through the agencies of the “Banque Central Populaire.” The scholarship  awardee will have to show his or her passport upon receiving the stipend. The scholarship covers the  following: 

  • Stipend of 1750 Moroccan Dirhams monthly (about 175 USD) 
  • Ticket (one one-way ticket at the beginning of the course and one return ticket at the end of  the studies); and insurance 


Please submit three (3) certified copies of each of the following documents: 

  • Scholarship application form:
  • CAPE certificate (first and second years) 
  • Associate degree diploma 
  • CXC Certificate 
  • Tertiary-level transcript 
  • Birth certificate. 
  • Passport bio-data page 
  • Recent passport photographs, in colour (with the full name and nationality of the candidate  written on the back) 
  • Recent police record (valid) 
  • A medical certificate issued by a medical doctor testifying to the applicant’s physical and  mental fitness and certifying that he or she is vaccinated, is not suffering from any contagious  or acute disease, or is a carrier of a pandemic, notably tuberculosis. (The candidate may be  required to undergo a countercheck upon arrival in Morocco.). 

Applicants for master’s and Ph.D. degrees must provide, in addition to the above documents, certified  copies of their diplomas, grade transcripts, and continuing education programmes, as well as a copy  of the dissertation/thesis of graduation/thesis project for the Ph.D. degree.

Language of Learning 

French is the language of instruction in most training institutions in Morocco. Awardees will need to  follow a one-year upgrade in French at the International Language Centre in Rabat, after which those  who are deemed eligible for the final examinations will be directed to the appropriate field of study  according to: 

  • academic qualifications 
  • Qualifications and criteria 
  • the educational openings available for each field of study 

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their application documents to the Ministry of Education  by May 13, 2024. For further information, please contact the Scholarship Desk, Ministry of  Education/Human Resources, at telephone number (473) 440-2737/417-9762 or via email  at