Ministry Of Health Reopens Westerhall Medical Station

PR –  The Westerhall Medical station has reopened its  doors to serve the public, after being closed for twelve weeks for infrastructural  development work. 

It included replacement and servicing of air conditioning units, roof repairs, replacement  of doors and windows, plumbing, tiling, and security fencing. A ribbon cutting ceremony  was held at the facility on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, where government officials  including Health, Wellness and Religious Affairs Minister, Sen. the Hon. Jonathan  LaCrette and Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives Minister, Sen. the Hon  Adrian Thomas both promoted Government’s agenda for Health and Wellness. 

Both reiterated government’s commitment towards health and wellness. Sen. Thomas,  who represented the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for St. David, the Hon.  Dickon Mitchell, told the gathering that as was announced in the budget, Education,  Health and Agriculture are the three main sectors government would be concentrate on. 

“This administration believes in putting people first”. According to Sen. Thomas, Grenadians are looking forward to ensuring that health is given the necessary attention.  “Health is wealth. And, if we are not in a position to take care of our people; we can work  hard with the type of infrastructure we’re putting in this country, the education system we  are planning, the investment we are putting in Agriculture, if our people are not well all, this work will be in vain”. 

Meanwhile, the Grenadian Health and Wellness Minister reminded the gathering that the  strength of any healthcare system, apart from its human resource capacity, is found in, and built on an integrated primary healthcare structure.  

Sen. LaCrette, who drives his Government’s policy on health and wellness, said his desire  is to “ensure that primary healthcare facilities such as community healthcare centers are  made robust in the delivery of services that they offer, and in the human resource capacity  that they have, so the type of care delivered to the community where they function can  be delivered with a sense of excellence and serve the community well”. 

He added that he was particularly pleased to see that as a ministry, under the leadership  of the Permanent Secretaries and other senior managers, they are leading the charge  and form part and parcel of the vision to ensure that Grenada has a very effective and  robust Primary Health Care (PHC) structure.

However, the Grenadian Health and Wellness Minister explained that having such an  effective and robust PHC structure does not only start with the human resource capacity,  but also the infrastructure that lends itself to the delivery of primary healthcare services.  

Meanwhile, health authorities including Mrs. Naomi Jeremiah – Permanent Secretary.  w.r.f Strategic & Operational Mgt. General & Subsidiary Hospitals, Mt. Gay Psychiatric  Hospital & Richmond Home and Community Health Services as well as services  providers are confident, that there will be an improvement in the delivery of services and  patient satisfaction at the Westerhall Medical Station, which resumes its normal  operations from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Mondays to Fridays.