Ministry Of Health Refutes Claims Of False Positive Results 

PR –  As Health officials work tirelessly to contain the spread of the recent cluster of positive COVID-19 cases in Grenada, the Ministry of Health must refute claims that some individuals received false positive results and were later called by health officials to retract those results. 

This is simply not true. At no time were the results called into question, and at no time did anyone from the Ministry call anyone in quarantine to retract diagnoses. We therefore ask the Media and others to cease and desist from spreading such rumors. Furthermore, we continue to ask, in the public’s interest, that stories be verified with the relevant authorities before they become fodder for consumption. 

From the onset of this virus, the Ministry has stood by the integrity of the PCR Test as the scientific gold standard in the industry for diagnosing the virus. 

Anyone spreading such rumors that call into question the integrity of the test results is seeking to incite fear, panic, and disorder, and is creating mistrust in an already delicate situation, as we grapple with this outbreak. 

We urge the public to only accept official reports from the Ministry, as we have consistently and proactively shared information with you. 

Meanwhile, individuals who have been ordered to quarantine are reminded that they must remain in quarantine, and not have contact with others for the stipulated fourteen day period.