Ministry Of Health Launches Wear Your Mask Campaign As Part Of COVID-19 Prevention Efforts

PR – The Ministry of Health has launched its “Protect!  Respect! Always Wear Your Mask” Covid-19 Prevention Campaign. 

The objective is to encourage citizens and visitors to wear a face-mask, when in public  spaces to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

The campaign, which promotes the personal, economic, health and social benefits  associated with the proper and continued wearing of face masks, has attracted the  support of top government officials, business operators, community leaders, groups,  organizations and individuals, who are lending their voice to help spread the message. 

Grenada’s Health Minister, Hon. Nickolas Steele who is one of the key messengers in the  campaign said, the Ministry welcomes the support of all stakeholders in promoting the  “Protect! Respect! Always Wear Your Mask.” Campaign, which urges everyone to follow  the health and safety protocols to protect themselves, their families, and community  members from the deadly coronavirus. 

Minister Steele said “In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, protect lives and  livelihoods, we must all unite and continue practicing the recommended protocols which  includes wearing a mask when in public spaces. This is even more important where the  required six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained.” 

The Health Minister added that one of the best ways to quickly return to some degree of  normalcy is by wearing a mask and curbing the spread of the virus.  

The “Protect! Respect! Always Wear Your Mask.” Covid-19 prevention campaign will  utilise posters, flyers, videos, social media, as well as public and private transportation to  ensure that this very important public health message of mask wearing is spread  throughout the tri-island state. 

The campaign is endorsed by Prime Minister, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, whose  message to the public is that, “We all have a fundamental responsibility to protect  ourselves and loved ones.” The Prime Minister encouraged everyone to follow the  protocols.