Ministry Of Health Fogging Excercise For Wednesday 23rd March, 2022

PR – The Environmental Health Department in the Ministry of Health and Social Security announces that fogging operations will take place in the  vicinity of the National Stadium and Darbeau community from 4:00.P.M today  Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Health officials are appealing to the public to take all necessary measures to ensure the  success of the various mosquito suppression exercises, by cooperating with the fogging  teams and opening up their homes to allow the fog to enter, so that it can kill the  mosquitoes.  

Persons with respiratory difficulties such as asthma are reminded to stay away from the  fog or inform the fogging team of their respiratory conditions.  

Beekeepers are also asked to inform the team of any beekeeping activities in the area  that will be fogged.  

For more information, please contact the Vector Control Department by calling (473) 440- 2095.