Ministry Of Health And Wellness Reports Steady Increase In Dengue Fever Cases

PR –  The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Religious  Affairs reports that the number of dengue cases has been continuously  increasing based on data acquired over the previous three weeks. 

Chief Medical Officer (Ag.) Dr. Shawn Charles says in Epi weeks #18 and #19, there were 20 and 39 reported cases respectively, while Epi week #20 recorded  a total of 79 new cases and two hospitalizations. “This represents a 100%  increase from the previous week, and it points to what can only be described  as a steady increase in the outbreak of cases,” he explained. 

The CMO added that while there have been intensified public education and  vector control measures to assist with the control and prevention of further  increases, citizens must also play their part, taking all the necessary  preventative measures. 

“We are reminding members of the public that the situation is very, very  serious, and as such it is extremely important for them to protect themselves,  by using approved insect repellants, mosquito nets and wearing long-sleeved clothing, etc.” 

Health officials say it is extremely important that people ensure that their  surroundings are kept clean and that they destroy existing and potential  mosquito breeding sites.  

The public is reminded that all persons experiencing dengue-fever-like  symptoms, such as joint pain, fever, headaches, intense abdominal pain, and  bleeding gums, should seek immediate medical attention and get tested.