Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Hosts Two-Day Sensitisation Session For Newly Appointed Heads Of Missions

PR  – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Export Development recently  held a two-day sensitisation session for newly appointed Heads of Missions from April  12-13, 2023, at the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort. 

The intensive workshop, designed to provide Heads of Missions with a deeper  understanding of the Ministry’s policies, procedures, and strategies, was attended by a  wide range of participants, including senior officials from the Ministry, experienced  diplomats, and other key stakeholders across the public and private sectors. 

In his opening remarks, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade & Export Development, Hon.  Joseph Andall, emphasised the importance of the sensitisation session in preparing the  newly appointed Heads of Missions for their roles.  

“As representatives of our country, you have a crucial role to play in promoting our  national interests and projecting our image on the global stage. This session will equip  you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel in your roles and confidently  contribute to our country’s development,” Minister Joseph said. 

Working sessions and discussions covered topics including Regional Integration,  Immigration Matters, Climate Financing, Citizenship by Investment, and the Creative  Economy, among others. The cohort also received presentations from the Public  Service Commission, the Integrity Commission, and the Grenada Investment  Development Corporation. 

Permanent Secretary (Ag) w.r.f. Foreign Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade  & Export Development, Mrs. Roxie Mc Leish-Hutchinson, welcomed the opportunity to  engage in interactive discussions with Heads of Missions. She said, “the sessions  highlighted current challenges in international relations and diplomacy and explored  innovative ways to promote and advance Grenada’s interests.” 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Export Development remains committed to  promoting and protecting Grenada’s interests regionally and internationally. The  sensitisation session for newly appointed Heads of Missions is just one of the many  initiatives the Ministry is undertaking to achieve this goal.