Ministry Of Education Outlines Plans For Engagement Of Students


PR – The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information says commencing Monday, January 11, 2021, schools must ensure that there is adherence to a 6-foot physical distancing protocol for all on-site engagements, in keeping with the determination of the Ministry of Health.

Plans for student engagement are as follows:

Week 2 – Commencing January 11, 2021

· Onsite (face-to-face) instruction for all Exit grades (all schools)

· Virtual instruction/packages (for students in all other grades)

· Onsite for schools with a very small population and space for adherence to  the 6-foot    physical distancing protocol.

Week 3 – Commencing January 18, 2021

Implement school-specific plans which cater for:

· Daily onsite (Face to Face) classes for all exit grades.

· Maximum possible time onsite for all other grades as space allows (minimum 1 day per grade level)

Principals/Teachers-in-charge will work with the District Education Officers/Early Childhood Education Officers and School Managers, to update the school specific plans, which must be approved by the Chief Education Officer.

These plans will require approval by the Chief Education Officer to inform implementation.

The information above is subject to change based on new developments relating to COVID-19.