Ministry Of Education Hands Over TVET Equipment To Schools

PR – The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture handed over equipment to representatives from several schools on October 31, to assist in upgrading Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) in educational institutions across Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The equipment will be distributed to the 11 TVET centres currently serving primary schools and all secondary schools offering TVET programmes. Equipment was provided for skills training areas such as Building and Furniture Technology, Electronics; Woodwork; Clothing and Textiles and Food, Nutrition and Health.

In his remarks, Minister for Education Sen. the Hon. David Andrew stated that skills development is a major area of the current administration focused on closing the skills gap, satisfying labour market needs, and lowering unemployment.

He said, “The societies that have advanced and are advancing, they are advancing because their education systems can produce the people to fill the work and labour market needs and requirements and so, we need to change the narrative.”

Hon. Andrew added that due to the Government’s commitment to TVET, plans are underway to expand the New Life Organisation (NEWLO). “You can expect the expansion of TVET offerings through centres of excellence and you will hear more about that as we further implement the TVET Policy. You can expect specific work. In fact, at the moment, we are currently engaging in consultancy to expand NEWLO, to increase NEWLO’s capacity, to be able to absorb more students as part of the strategic pathway to facilitate skills education.”

Permanent Secretary with responsibility for Education, Elvis Morain, pledged the continued support of the ministry in teaching TVET at the nation’s schools and indicated that there will be opportunities in 2024 for TVET teachers to attain further upgrades.

“You have our full support, and we ask you to give us your full commitment, as we go through in this process and, whatever teething issues that may emerge, we stand to dialogue, we stand to find pathways to address this. There are many initiatives right now to enhance TVET and to upscale you, as well as to upscale our environments, including Carriacou as well. So, we are excited and, of course, in the coming year, you can see a wider roll-out in TVET and greater support.”

TVET teachers were pleased to receive the tools. Six months ago, on May 9, the ministry launched TVET expansion in primary schools under the theme, “TVET: “Essential Skills – Fostering Inclusion, Lifelong Learning and National Development.”