Ministry Of Culture To Provide Financial Support To All Groovy And Soca Finalists For Polytechnics, Confetti, And CO2 Effects As Part Of Their Stage Presentation

PR – The Ministry of Culture is supporting local artistes who are  participating in the Groovy and Soca Finals at the National Stadium on Friday. 

During a meeting with the artistes on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, agreement was reached  on measures to provide support for the artistes’ on-stage presentations. 

They include, covering the basic price for stage fees, at five thousand dollars ($5000.00), accommodation for access to changing rooms for the artistes as well as stage props, and  the allowance of a minimum of fifteen (15) backstage passes for workers per artiste, with  an option to purchase additional at half price. 

The stage presentation fee of five thousand dollars ($5000.00) forms part of associated  costs, which, as they indicated, made it impossible for them to organize a suitable  presentation for the night.  

The decision to assist comes because of the entertainment industry’s financial situation  post-Covid-19, and the fact that many artistes are left with debts after the carnival season. 

The cheque will be payable to the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) through the National  Lotteries Authority (NLA) for every finalist on the night of the competition. 

The Groovy and Soca finalists met with the Minister for Youth, Sports & Culture, Hon. Ron  Redhead and Permanent Secretary, Norman Gilbert.