Ministry Of Agriculture Launches Public Education Campaign Aganist Praedial Larceny At The Start Of The Plant Distribution Season

PR – The Ministry of Agriculture, announces the launch of a  campaign to educate and inform audiences nationwide about the consequences of stealing agricultural produce and livestock. 

The launch will be done simultaneously with the official opening of the annual distribution season,  at the Mirabeau Propagation Station, St Andrew, on Thursday, July 29 at 10:00 a.m.  

The development of this campaign was influenced by a number of factors including Calls by  farmers for help, the need to safeguard the livelihood of farmer families; the threat of losing  certified exporter status through product tainting; the negative effect on the economy; the  promotion of food security and the recently revised praedial larceny laws which provide stiffer  penalties for perpetrators. 

The Ministry of Agriculture considers the communication campaign as an important step towards  realizing its goals to reduce the incidence and far-reaching effects of praedial larceny. The  intention is to change behavior through education.  

The main goals of the campaign are to stimulate interest and awareness among the key  audiences; facilitate a change of thinking and attitude/behavior; stir action among key audiences  and wider stakeholders; give general and group-specific information about the benefits of meeting  the anti-praedial larceny requirements and publicize the progress, successes, and feedback of  the stop praedial larceny campaign. 

The Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Peter David, has been visiting farmers in the field, observing firsthand some of the hardships they face. 

Among the activities already done are the installation of billboards in some communities, and the  creation of a Facebook page; Praedial Larceny Unit –MOA Grenada. 

Activities over the next few months will include a number of farmer meetings, live-streamed talk  shows, and the erection of more billboards.