Ministry Of Agriculture Donates Farming Equipment To More Than 150 Farmers

PR – In a resolute endeavour to modernise and  optimise the agriculture sector, the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries, and Cooperatives  has provided local farmers with Power Tillers and Water Pumps at an official distribution  ceremony at the Chinese Mission Headquarters at La Sagesse, St. David, on August 25, 2023.  

Permanent Secretary Mr. Aaron Francois underscored the profound impact of this initiative.  

He said, As we support you, let us support the country. We have to come together and produce  more food in Grenada. We could produce more, we have a lot of land that is currently abandoned,  we need to bring back those lands into production and giving out the water pumps and power  tillers is part of the process of giving you the means to produce more. 

Through the support of Caritas Internationalis, a global coalition comprised of more than 160  Catholic relief, development, and social service organisations spanning more than 200 countries  and territories, the Ministry has successfully furnished 152 farmers with these essential tools. This  inclusive distribution encompasses both individual farmers and farming groups. 

The tools were distributed across four extension districts – Western, Northern, Southern, and  Eastern. While some machines are allocated to individual farmers, others are designated for shared  use among farmers working within the same area. 

Farmers were also given valuable knowledge through informative sessions led by skilled machine  operators. These sessions were tailored to them about the proper assembly, operation, and  maintenance of the Power Tiller which is important in ensuring the optimal performance of the  machine. 

Acting Chief Extension Officer, Lauren St. Louis reiterated the Ministry’s vision, appealing  directly to the farmers, “The Ministry of Agriculture is very excited and very happy to be able to  assist you and to incentivise you in this manner so that your production will be much more  effective and efficient.” 

Farmer, Ann Regis, from Regis Farm and Cassava Company, expressed appreciation for the water  pump she received. She highlighted its significance in tackling the challenges posed by the dry  season, emphasising, ” It gives me that incentive to produce more, especially in the dry season; “I  appreciate this help especially during this time because the dry season brings with it some  stagnation with water and produce” Ms. Regis added.

Sally Gilbarry, a recipient of one of the tillers, echoed the sentiments of gratitude. “Thank you  very much. It’s a big help, I didn’t expect to get the tiller, so I was quite surprised and happy to get  this.” 

This transformative effort brings a new era of efficiency and convenience, elevating farming  practices for greater productivity.