Ministers And International Delegation Collaborate For Renewable Energy Advancements In Carriacou And Petite Martinique

PR – Hon. Tevin Andrews, Minister for  Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs and Local Government, is actively pursuing  crucial support for renewable energy projects on Carriacou. In a significant step towards  realizing this vision, a high-level delegation, from the British High Commission and the  Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, visited the island to explore collaborative  opportunities. 

Accompanying the delegation was Hon. Kerryne James, Grenada’s Minister for Climate  Resilience, the Environment, and Renewable Energy, along with other officials. The visit  included inspections of important programme initiatives, with Minister Andrews  providing a firsthand look at the various sites and highlighting the importance of the site  tour. 

Among the stops on the tour was one at the recently established Limlair Solar Plant PV  project. A visit also was made to the Princess Royal Smart Hospital, which has been  newly refurbished with support from the Government of the United Kingdom. 

Members of the visiting delegation, in discussions with local officials, identified the  Tibeau cemetery, which is being impacted by coastal erosion, as a potential site in need  of funding. 

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