Ministerial Delegation Visits Mt. Rush Housing Scheme

PR Residents of the Mt. Rush Housing Scheme welcomed the  opportunity to meet one-on-one with Government Ministers and representatives from the  Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG) on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.  

The delegation comprised Sen. the Hon. Claudette Joseph, Attorney General and  Minister for Legal Affairs, Labour & Consumer Affairs; Hon. Philip Telesford, Minister for  Social & Community Development, Housing and Gender Affairs; Hon. Andy Williams,  Minister for Mobilisation, Implementation & Transformation; and a team from the Housing  Authority of Grenada (HAG), including Manager, Ronnie Sylvester. 

The team toured the housing units and witnessed, first-hand, some of the issues faced  by residents. After the tour, an open and frank consultation was held with residents where  all sides were able to share their concerns.  

The primary concern highlighted by residents was ongoing maintenance issues to the  interior and exterior of the residences, including unresolved water seepage. Also flagged  was the issue of inadequate garbage disposal receptacles.  

On the part of the HAG, the main concern was the high delinquency rate in monthly  payments for the units. 

The delegation and residents concluded the meeting with an agreement to work together  to address and resolve all issues in the shortest possible time. All parties also resolved  to work together towards the enhancement of the neighbourhood.