Minister Of Sport Meets With Division Of Sports Staff 

PR –  Minister of State with Responsibility for Youth, Sports and Culture,  Hon. Ron Redhead has pledged Government’s support for the development of Sports through dialogue  and inclusion of all stakeholders. 

During a meeting this week with staff of the Division of Sports, Minister Redhead stated that the Sports  Policy, which is high on the transformation agenda, will be implemented in a phased approach. 

The meeting provided an opportunity for the Minister to note the concerns and have a greater  appreciation of the challenges faced by staff, with a view to crafting solutions and shaping policies for  the future of sports in the country. 

Another priority for the government is sports education. Minister Redhead said while it is important to  support athletes, the men and women who contribute to their development should be given  opportunities to improve their craft and as such, a percentage of NLA’s profit will go towards this. 

The meeting was also addressed by Mr. Norman Gilbert, Permanent Secretary with responsibility for  Youth, Sports, and Culture. 

Mr. Gilbert commended staff for the work done to support the development of athletes and also recognised local athletes for their achievements, both regionally and internationally. 

He also noted that the implementation of the Sports Policy will positively impact the Ministry’s functions, and coaches will have a key role to play in this regard. The Policy will focus on developing sports at the  grassroots level, with coaching being an important part of this agenda. 

He is particularly excited that the Ministry will provide more support to primary schools in the new school  year, and the resumption of sports in secondary schools as students prepare for the annual  competitions in areas like netball and football. 

Mr. Gilbert also commended the groundsmen for maintaining the facilities at high standards, a point that  was noted by participating regional teams in the recently concluded CWI Rising Stars Championship  which was held at the National Stadium.  

The Meeting was also attended by Transformational Lead for the Ministry of Sports Mr. Patrick  Simmons and Coordinator in the Ministry, Mr. Kerlon Peters. Discussion also centered around wages  and regularization of the status of staff, coaches in schools, and the laying of synthetic tracks for playing  fields in the outer parishes.