Minister For Sports Attends Regional Anti-Doping Forum In Jamaica

PR – Minister for Sports, Hon. Ron Redhead is in Jamaica attending the  second World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Forum along with Ministers Responsible for Sports in the Caribbean region.  

Invited countries to the forum are signatories to the World Anti-Doping Code.  

The objective is to get a clear commitment from public authorities to further protect  clean sport in their respective jurisdictions, as a follow up to constructive dialogue  about local and regional challenges raised by participating Ministers and  representatives during the last Virtual Forum. 

It also gives regional Sports Ministers the opportunity to share ideas on practices and  activities that can be implemented to complement what has been achieved to date,  and to address anti-doping issues. 

Discussions will focus on: 

Establishing strong anti-doping legal framework. 

Further developing and implementing effective testing and education  programmes and 

Collaborating for protecting clean athletes and the integrity of sport. A  presentation on how WADA proposes to support public authorities will also be  done. 

The Grenada Government remains committed to supporting the work of the Grenada  National Anti-doping Organisation (Grenada NADO) which is headed by Dr. Sonia  Johnson who is accompanying the Minister on the trip to the regional forum. Grenada  NADO continues to seek ways to become more efficient in its work to educate athletes  and sporting organisations on anti-doping practices and compliance. 

Consultations have already been held with Grenada NADO for the implementation of  the National Sports Policy and Physical Activities.