Minister For Culture Congratulates Carnival Winners

PR –  Hon. Ron Redhead, Minister of State with responsibility  for Youth and Sports in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture, extends congratulations to the winners of Carnival 2022, and commends them for a job well done  throughout the two weeks of what is considered “our home-grown largest cultural event  of the year.” 

The National Carnival Queen Show, National Calypso Competition, Groovy and Soca  Monarch, J’ouvert and other major activities were held between July 27 and August 9,  2022. 

“Congratulations to our local talent, performers, and pageant participants, who performed  exemplary,” the minister said. 

Minister Redhead also expressed his gratitude to the Spicemas Corporation and all  volunteers for making “Spicemas the Return” possible, together with “our private  promoters and stakeholders”. 

Redhead also said “thank you to the men and women of our Royal Grenada Police Force  for a job well done, the personnel from the emergency medical services, and public  works”. 

The Minister also used the opportunity to thank the public for its support of Grenada’s  major cultural festival “last but not least, I would like to thank revelers and Carnival lovers  who came out in the thousands to support our biggest cultural event, as well as our visitors  who came specifically for Spicemas 2022.” 

Spicemas returned following a two-year hiatus as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.