Minister Adrian Thomas Assumes Chair Of The Council Of Ministers Of Agriculture Of The OECS 

PR – Grenada’s Minister with responsibility for  Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives, Senator Honorable Adrian Thomas  has assumed the Chairmanship of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the OECS,  following a meeting of Ministers held virtually on Thursday, November 30th, 2023.  

On accepting the role as Chair, Minister Thomas told colleague Ministers that he felt a  profound sense of gratitude and humility to serve as Chairman. 

Senator Adrian Thomas must now play a lead role in ensuring the implementation of the  decisions of Ministers of Agriculture throughout the OECS. Among the key areas of  focus is the implementation of the OECS Food and Agriculture Systems Transformation  (FAST) Strategy. This is a ten-year programme that was introduced at the Sixth Meeting  of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture in October 2022. The Strategy sets out a  regional approach to food and nutrition security, to transform the OECS agriculture  sector into one that is food self-reliant. 

Senator Thomas is also committed to ensuring the advancement of the OECS  Integrated Land Management (ILM) Project, which seeks to optimize the contribution of  land to agriculture, food security, climate-change mitigation and adaptation, and the  preservation of ecosystems and the essential services they provide. 

At the November 30th meeting, Senator Thomas also took the opportunity to praise the  outgoing Chairmen for their guidance and direction to the Council. He stated “Ministers  first and foremost, let me humbly register my acknowledgement for the outstanding  leadership demonstrated by Comrade Roland Royer and Comrade Fidel Grant.  Together, they have achieved and accomplished quite a lot during their tenure. I am  truly inspired by the foundation they have laid, and I am committed to building upon it 

with dedication and passion. Dominica, you have led, and we were happy to follow you  side by side.” 

Minister Thomas assured his colleague Ministers that his commitment to the OECS  Council of Ministers of Agriculture is unwavering, and he believes in the collective  strength of their members and the shared vision that unite them.