Mexican Specialists Travel To Grenada To Support Efforts To Address The Increase In Cases And Hospitalizations Of COVID-19

PR – IMSS specialist’s doctors travel to Grenada to support efforts to address the increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Their mission is to replicate good practices for the management of patients with hospital care for COVID-19, highlighted Dr. Célida Duque Molina.

The people commissioned decided to go voluntarily to support humanitarian efforts in the Caribbean country.

A team of five high-level specialists from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in the management, care and treatment of patients hospitalized for COVID-19, traveled to Grenada this Sunday arriving on Monday Sep 20th to support efforts to mitigate the increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations for this disease in the Caribbean country.

In this regard, Dr. Célida Duque Molina, director of Medical Benefits, reported that the high-level team of Social Security is made up of doctors Rodolfo Sosa Barragán, Francisco Javier Orta Guerrero, Luis Vicente Gómez Guerrero, and nurses Miriam Esther Uribe Aguilar and José Luis Medina Espinosa.

Duque Molina stressed that these health professionals have the mission of “replicating” in Grenada “good practices for the management of patients with hospital care due to COVID-19 disease.”

He stressed that the five people commissioned for this humanitarian work decided to go voluntarily and are fluent in the English language.

He explained that the request for support derives from a request that the Representation of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) in Barbados received from the Minister of Health of Grenada, Mr. Nicolas Steele, to give Urgently, medical personnel from the Institute support the fight against COVID-19 in the Caribbean country.

Dr. Célida Duque Molina commented that based on the above, the general director of the IMSS, Master Zoé Robledo, expressed his unconditional support for the request sent by the PAHO / WHO Representative in Mexico, Mr. Cristián Morales, where requested that a group of experts from Social Security in critical medicine participate in the operation and training of teams for the care of COVID-19.

The five specialists of the Institute who left today at 1:40 p.m. from the International Airport of Mexico City, will arrive in New York, and tomorrow they will move to Grenada. They will be back in Mexico on Monday, October 4 2021