Meteorological Office Advises Of Low Chance Of Flooding

PR – Forecasters at the Meteorological Office at the Maurice Bishop International Airport  have warned that a shear line (band of cloudiness and associated showers which may  be accompanied by thunder) is expected to traverse the State of Grenada after  midnight tonight, Wednesday, December 28th and into early Thursday morning. 

According to the midday public weather forecast issued by the weather experts, the  state of Grenada is expected to experience partly cloudy & windy conditions with  isolated afternoon showers, becoming cloudy overnight with occasional showers,  some heavy, and a medium chance of thunder. 

Winds; East North Easterly to East South Easterly at 14 – 24 mph gusting higher with  showers and seas moderate to rough with waves 7 – 10 feet in North Easterly to  Easterly swells. 

As a direct impact of the forecast, the Meteorological Office has issued a warning for  a low chance of flooding and/or flash flooding in vulnerable areas tonight into  Thursday morning. Additionally, marine and high surf advisories are also in effect. 

NaDMA reminds the public that although the official 2022 Atlantic Hurricane  season has ended, citizens should remain mindful of the impacts of adverse weather  conditions and always be prepared.  

NaDMA will provide updates on this situation as necessary.