Metarelic Consulting Selected By ECCB To Attend Tech Beach Retreat Jamaica 2022

PR – Metarelic Consulting, a software and business process optimization consulting firm, has been selected to attend the 2022 Tech Beach Retreat held in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Metarelic, a leader in the local technology sector is the sole Grenadian firm to secure one of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s (ECCB) coveted sponsorship opportunities to attend the Retreat.

The three-day event which will run from December 8th – 10th 2022 will attract hundreds of technology entrepreneurs from the Caribbean and North America and feature 57 world-class keynote speakers from a variety of leading global firms, including Twitter, Google, YouTube, Meta, Microsoft, Massy, Amazon, and VISA.

Founder and Director of Metarelic Consulting, Clevon Noel said “I am extremely happy for the opportunity to attend the Tech Beach Retreat this year and I’m particularly grateful for ECCB’s partnership and continued support for the entrepreneurial landscape across the OECS sub region. I look forward to the thought-provoking, industry-disrupting panels, presentations and workshops. I believe that the experience will be a net positive for my company and by extension the technology sector in Grenada and the OECS.”

Tech Beach is a worldwide community platform for technology events and programs. The platform attracts world-famous leaders, resources, innovation, and media to developing market ecosystems with the purpose of advancing and capitalizing on growth possibilities.

ECCB teamed with Tech Beach Retreat to promote more entrepreneurship, creativity, and investment in technology in the area via the provision of financial assistance to Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) tech startup companies. The assistance valued at more than $3,000 consists of three nights of hotel accommodation with meals, conference admission, ground transportation, flights, and entrance to the Tech Beach Summit. As part of Metarelic Consulting’s counterpart resource, $350 US dollars have been provided to this endeavor.