Meta Is DOWN! Facebook, Messenger And Instagram Hit With Worldwide Outage

(DAILY MAIL) – Meta‘s Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are down worldwide, leaving hundreds of thousands of users unable to access the social media platforms.

A source inside Facebook told that the company’s internal systems were also down, which may have led to Tuesday’s outage.

The issues appeared around 10:20am ET and are impacting both social media sites’ apps and website.

DownDetector, which monitors online outages, shows more than 200,000 Americas are having problems with Facebook, but over 30,000 reported the same with Instagram – Messenger has a little over 8,000.

This is a developing story… more updates to come.

Facebook’s and Messenger’s glitches surfaced when users noticed they were kicked out of their accounts and unable to log back in – even with the right credentials.

While the News Feed on Instagram is showing an error message.

DownDetector’s outage map shows New York City in the red, along with Boston, Chicago and major cities in California.

The majority of issue reports cite problems with the apps –  72 percent for Facebook, 64 percent for Instagram and Messenger is at 50 percent.