Message From The Ministry Of Education On The Occasion Of International Day Of Education 2022

PR – The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious  Affairs and Information Grenada, is proud to join the celebration of International Day of  Education.  

Today, the world is celebrating the fourth International day of Education under the theme “Changing Course, Transforming Education”. The Purpose of this year’s theme is to  champion the new course of education, allow access to education for all and help build a  sustainable future. 

This year’s International day of Education provides a platform for the Ministry of  Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information to make  visible, the important work it has undertaken and accomplished, in providing quality  education since the start of the Pandemic. The Ministry continues to transform teaching  and learning while using innovative and transformative technology and techniques. The  provision of laptops for every teacher at the pre-primary, primary and secondary level,  and e-books/e-learning devices for every student at the Primary and secondary level is a  significant milestone. With the support of our valued stakeholders the retooling of  teachers continues as an area of priority. Hundreds of teachers have benefited from their  participation in short courses and webinars since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility for all. We must  continue to move education to the epicenter of transformation and development. This  involves a societal shift to strengthen the public functions of education as a shared  endeavour. It calls for a broad movement encompassing governments, civil society,  educators, students and youth to mobilize our collective intelligence and reimagine our  futures together, building on acts of innovation, creativity, hope and the will to provide  meaningful change. 

The call for a new social contract resonates with the UNESCO Director General’s words  on International day of Education; “In these exceptional times, business as usual is no  longer an option. If we are to transform the future, if we are to change course, we must  rethink education.  

This means forging a new social contract for education, as called for by the UNESCO  report on the ‘Futures of Education’, released last November. We need to repair past  injustices and orient the digital transformation around inclusion and equity. And we need  education to fully contribute to sustainable development – for instance, by integrating  environmental education in all curricula and by training teachers in this field.” – Audrey  Azoulay, UNESCO Director General, on the occasion of International Day of Education  2021. 

Leading the charge to reform education so that every learner can enjoy greater  success, our Minister for Education, the Honourable Emmalin Pierre has already sounded  that clarion call. The launch of our Service Excellence Charter on December 10th, 2021 signaled our commitment as a Ministry to lead from the foreground. 

As we celebrate International Day of Education today, let us all recommit to maximizing  on the gains that we have made. Let us continue to change the course and transform  education. 

The Minister for Education, Permanent Secretaries and staff of this Ministry extend best  wishes to everyone. 

Happy International Day of Education.