Message From The Minister For Education, Youth, Sports And Culture Sen. The Hon. David Andrew On The Reopening Of The New School Term

PR –  The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture warmly  welcomes each of you to this September 2022 Michaelmas School term. We  acknowledge our students, their parents, our teachers and principals, boards of  management, unions, other collaborating partners and indeed our staff at the Ministry of  Education, Youth, Sports and Culture. 

As you face the challenges and opportunities of the new term, we urge you to draw on  the wisdom and strength of God, as you build resilience in, and for our nation’s children.  Consequently, as has always been the practice, we encourage you to start your term with  meaningful spiritual engagement. The Ministry reminds you as is quoted in the words of  A.W Tozer, that “No civilization has outlived its religion and no people risen above their  concept of God.” 

The vision of the Ministry of Education is to create a resilient education system  which develops well rounded global citizens, committed to lifelong learning and  national development. 

The Mission is to foster a well-managed, inclusive, and values-based education  system that provides quality education and promotes continuous learning,  innovation, and patriotism, and we are delighted to collaborate with you in that pursuit. 

During the next school year, the wheels of transformation will be turned more deliberately,  as we change how we treat our most precious resource – People. Our focus will include: 

  • Treating others with respect 
  • Boosting morale 
  • Building strong teams 

This wheel will span Early Childhood Development to Adult and Continuing Education. It  will feature academic, technical and life skills education, and introduce reforms to  strengthen existing structures or create new ones.

The transformation has already started with the movement towards the free education  policy and increased access to schooling. We aim to ultimately have at least one  university graduate in each household. There will be much more to be said and done in  this regard.  

At this point, a few words to our students. To those of you who are entering your new  school, class or level, for the first time we congratulate you on this achievement. If you  are among those determined to conquer the short falls of the past as you repeat, we  salute you and assert that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.  We look forward eagerly to great things.  

We encourage parents and guardians to continue doing their best to secure a bright future  for our children and youth. We appreciate your sacrifices. 

The Ministry acknowledges the support of community members in the preparation of  several of our schools for reopening. We put on record our profound thanks to all. 

We also thank our hardworking educators and administrators, who ensure high standards  in the development of our human resource. The ministry will continue to do its part by  providing the necessary support 

Finally, we wish every student tremendous success in the new school term and beyond.  Thank you.