Message From President Of The GFA Mr. Cheney Joseph On The Occasion Of International Women’s Day 

PR – The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 (IWD 2022) is “Gender equality  today for a sustainable tomorrow.” This theme recognises the contributions of women and girls  around the world who are leading the charge in various facets, of which football is not excluded. 

As we reflect on the origin of the Women’s game, we note the struggles they endured in order  to get acceptance. Although the game was as popular as the men’s version, the playing of football  was banned, citing it was too dangerous for women. 

Back in 1881, women playing the sport had to wear corsets, everyday heeled boots and even  bonnets, so they weren’t considered to be breaking the Victorian standards of decency. This  made it very difficult to move freely! 

Here is Grenada organized female matches did not happen until the early 2000s, under 21 years  ago. We salute those who pioneered the evolution of Women’s football in Grenada. 

With that, the Grenada Football Association is confident that our Women’s program is headed in  the right direction and emphasis must be placed on attracting increased involvement of women  and girls in all aspects of the game. To date, our Women’s program focused heavily on building  capacity, football competitions and national teams’ programs. 

Going forward, this needs to be expanded to include scholarships, international experience and  professional recruitment and contracts. 

Last year, our U20 Girls participated in the Concacaf Qualifiers staged in Curacao. Although their  participation was affected by Covid-19 during preparations as well as the composition of the  squad chosen to represent us, which ultimately impacted on our performance during these  games, their presence was nevertheless felt and recognized. 

The Women’s Committee must be commended for the various competitions staged locally and  recognition must also be given to the various champions of these competitions including Boca  Juniors who won the “seven a side tournament” as well as Paradise FC, who won the “U17 Girls  tournament” during the last year. Commendation must also be given to all other teams who  participated in these tournaments.  

We encourage all our clubs to pursue engaging girls into programs organized by their respective  organizations. This we believe will help expand on the women’s game here in Grenada which is  an important aspect in the development of football. For as this year’s International Women’s Day  theme from the Caribbean Football Union says, #girlsplayfootball— (let’s) Break the Bias. 

Thank You 


Cheney Joseph