Message By Minister For Economic Development, Planning, Tourism,  ICT, And The Creative Economy, Honourable Lennox Andrews. On The Observance Of Cyber Awareness Month 

PR – Fellow Grenadians, for the first time, the Ministry of Information Communication, Technology  has dedicated November, as Cyber Awareness Month in Grenada. The month will be  celebrated under the theme: See Yourself in Cyber. This theme seeks to heighten the focus  and awareness that every organization and individual who engages on the internet, has a role to  play in keeping themselves and the larger ecosystem safe.  

The theme is driven by the fact that as we go about our daily lives, using online platforms to  engage in education, ecommerce, business and for social or recreational purposes, there are  hackers and phishers who are rigorously attempting to attack, to break into systems, steal  information or blackmail people and organizations, often leaving trauma and financial ruin  behind.  

During the pandemic, the number and severity of cyber-attacks have escalated and even right  here in Grenada, our cyber security team, CSIRT GND, has logged several locally made scams. 

Hence the need for us to recognize that we all have a role to play in our own cyber security, as  we seek to safely and respectfully navigate the cyber landscape. 

During the month, we will focus on four main areas: Using Strong Passwords, Enabling  Multi Factor Authentication, Updating Software, and Recognizing and Reporting phishing. 

Strong Passwords are like strong locks. Multifactor Authentication is like double locks and  deadbolts. Updating Software – is similar to putting on some additional safety features like  alarm systems or burglar bars and Recognizing and Reporting Phishing is the same as  ensuring that the only people or things who enter your safe home, are those who you trust to  bring into the sanctity of that space.  

Basic knowledge and understanding of these four areas will ensure that every citizen, from the  youngest user to the oldest among us, is able to engage in cyber space, with some level of  confidence and diligently take responsibility for their actions online. 

Throughout the month, my Ministry will undertake several activities across the country as we  engage stakeholders to raise the bar of awareness and engender a response among Grenadians.  Among the activities organized will be cyber awareness radio quizzes, a panel discussion which  will be held in conjunction with the FIU and the Cyber Forensic Unit of the RGPF, A Beyond  the Headlines Television Program and a series of Primary and Secondary schools’ cyber security  outreach programs.  

Grenadians, we are all aware of the amazing advantages which the internet affords, but we must  recognize that there are inherent traps and pitfalls which await us. We are safe in Cyber only  if we make the right choices. Therefore, parents, guardians, and teachers, must ensure that  children are safe and are taught how to safely “See Themselves in Cyber.” Adults and senior  citizens; you must take responsibility to safely, “See yourselves in Cyber.” 

I would like to recognize our very own Grenada Cyber Security Incidence Response Team or  CSIRT GND. The Team was launched in May 2022 for the purpose of detecting, containing and responding to cyber incidents. Thus far, the CSIRT has empowered many Grenadians to  be safer citizens or users of the Internet. Additionally, many Grenadians have been prevented  from falling victim to internet scams and losing their money in the process. To date, over eighty  thousand dollars have been kept out of the pockets of scammers; money belonging to hard working Grenadians who reached out to CSIRT before clicking the link or sending off the cash. 

I encourage all Grenadians to use the services offered by our national CSIRT. If you are unsure  of an electronic transaction, if you want to verify the authenticity of a message, or you want a  website checked out among other things, please contact the CSIRT via WhatsApp calls on 423- 2478 or send an email to  

The Team is also on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube with the handle  @csirtgnd. The Team will conduct the necessary background checks and provide you with  timely feedback. The service is free and confidential. “The ball is in your court”. 

In closing, please remember fellow Grenadians – there is no herd immunity in Cyber Security; your safety and security are your responsibility. You MUST see yourself in cyber. 

I thank you.