Message By Governor General H.E. Dame Cecile La Grenade In Observance Of Child Month

PR – Fellow Grenadians,  

Child Month is traditionally celebrated in many countries of  the world, including Grenada, during the month of October,  and it provides us with a wonderful opportunity to shine a loving and caring light on children the world over. Children are  our nation’s most precious resource and it is only fitting that  we dedicate an entire month to once again ensure that this  message is conveyed to our children and our nation. 

This year’s theme is “Children’s Care and Education Matter: Let  Children Grow, Glow and Flourish.” For this reason, we must  focus on the general good health, care and education of our  children.  

Thirty-two years ago, in 1990, Grenada signed the Convention  on the Rights of the Child, which calls on society to do its 

utmost to promote the general welfare of the child. The  government of Grenada, with the support of non governmental organisations, have passed legislation and  developed policies and programmes aimed at improving the  safety, security and standard of living of children. 

General Good Health 

According to national statistics, the health status of Grenada’s children has been steadily improving over the past twenty  years. This includes a steady decline in the mortality of  children under five from 22 per thousand in 1990 to 16 per  thousand in 2020. Nutritional standards have improved and 

the overwhelming majority of children under five receive all  the recommended childhood vaccinations. The recent change  in the daily school feeding programme to include bananas, a  locally-grown fruit, is an encouraging start to promoting  healthy eating habits of our children. 

The Care We Give Our Children  

The care we provide to our children compares favourably with  other countries, although we still have room for improvement.  Indicators suggest that our country is a leader in prenatal and  early childhood care. Indeed, child mortality has been  decreasing in Grenada over the decades.  

Here in Grenada, medical personnel, parents and  grandparents, especially women, shower an abundance of  love and affection on our young ones. Yet, we can do more to 

stem violence in the home and society against boys and girls  and to ensure counselling and other services for our children’s  mental health and overall well-being. Let us remember that  children’s good health provides the foundation to ensure that  they become our nation builders and leaders of tomorrow. 

Children’s Quality Education  

If Grenada’s transformation agenda is to be successful, quality  education for all children is of paramount importance and  must become a reality. Under Government’s transformation  agenda, significant progress is being made in this regard. Indeed, a good education is a basic human right which helps  to build character and confidence and teach children decision making, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These are  all life skills that children need during their childhood and,  more importantly, during their entire adult lives. For this  reason, we must focus on the acquisition of these skills at an  early stage in children’s lives. It is an indisputable fact that  quality education that is accessible to all reduces overall  poverty and provides a solid foundation for Grenada to  produce leaders who can confidently take their place  anywhere in today’s world.  

In an era of innovation and expanding opportunities, including  digitalisation and rapidly developing technological  applications, strong social connections and expanded career  opportunities, let us renew and strengthen our commitment  to the care, health, safety and full education of Grenada’s  greatest and most valuable human resource – our children.  

Fellow Grenadians, With tremendous pride in our nation’s children, and  appreciation for all who love and care for them, it gives me  great pleasure to declare open the October 2022 Child Month  in Grenada. 

Thank you.