Massy Mocked On Social Media; Staff Told Claims Of ‘Bizarre Rituals’ Absurd

(TT GUARDIAN) – Massy is being mocked on social media following claims by Angélique Parisot-Potter–the company’s executive vice president of business integrity and group general counsel–that it engages in bizarre rituals for executives. Since Guardian Media broke the story on Tuesday, social media users have used the claims exaggeratedly to create humorous content on the organisation which have gone viral.

In an “All Staff” memo issued by the president and chief executive officer Gervase Warner yesterday, he told staff that the claims certainly cross into the realm of the absurd. On Monday, at the company’s annual general meeting, Parisot-Potter said Massy’s executive leadership consultant—the Miami-based Delphi Sphere Consulting—engages in bizarre rituals for executives, their leadership programme is a drain of scare foreign exchange and the couple leading this programme appear to exert disproportionate influence over Massy’s executive team.

At that time, Warner said that many of the group’s leaders and some board members had attended the programme and that Parisot-Potter would not be the first executive who has had difficulty in a programme like this.

“We think a part of our secret at Massy is that we are willing to do this kind of work as leaders. It is the kind of work that we have done that allows us to have the results the company shows. That is because culture eats strategy for breakfast,” he had said and added that building connection and trust with other leaders, employees, customers and communities is a big part of Massy’s success.

In his memo, Warner said, “We want to be clear that, OUR SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS IS OUR PEOPLE WITH OUR CARIBBEAN HEART.”

He acknowledged that it could be an uncomfortable situation for Massy staff.

“We are saddened that the actions of one person became the main takeaway that the public and indeed you had the opportunity to view through the media, instead of the growth and successes of Massy over the past year, as we all worked, stronger than ever, to operationalise our vision ‘A Global Force for Good, An Investment Holding Company with a Caribbean Heart.’”

“We are confident, that like any family, we are stronger together and so we encourage you, should you have any concerns or questions with respect to what is certainly a very uncomfortable situation for many of you, as you interact with customers, family and friends, that you reach out to the leadership within your portfolio and ask any questions or express any concerns you may have.

“We also encourage that within any huddles and team meetings, you encourage open conversation to address this situation and let’s lean on each other,” Warner said. Following the AGM which was covered exclusively by Guardian Media, the company’s board of directors issued a statement and said it was appalled by her conduct and has initiated a disciplinary process against her duties as the General Counsel to the Company and “will follow due process to determine how this should be handled responsibly yet decisively.”

However, while dismissing her claims as “untrue” and “scandalous”, Massy said it initiated an independent process to look into her claims. At Monday’s meeting, Parisot-Potter said, “This is a matter of grave concern to shareholders because the couple leading the programme appear to exert disproportionate influence over our executive team.

‘In the midst of a foreign exchange crisis, Massy cannot be spending scarce resources on highly dubious activities, and contracts awarded cannot be pushed through without prudent due process. This is not just a governance issue; it’s a blatant disregard for shareholder interests.”

The largest shareholder of Massy is the State through the National Insurance Board–20 per cent; Republic Bank Limited (Trust & Asset Management)–ten per cent; and the Unit Trust Corporation–4.5 per cent. Combined they own 34.5 per cent of Massy.