Man Tests Positive For COVID, Monkeypox And HIV After Spain Trip

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A 36-year-old Italian male has been diagnosed with COVID-19, monkeypox and HIV following a recent trip to Spain.

The Independent reported earlier on Wednesday that scientists confirmed this is the first known case of a person testing positive for all three at the same time.

The patient developed a series of symptoms including fatigue, fever, and a sore throat nine days after returning from a trip to Spain, where he engaged in unprotected sex.

Earlier this month, the World Health Organisation declared Monkepox a “global emergency” after thousands of people contracted the virus after it was first discovered outside Africa.

But, over two years, -the COVID-19 virus has infected and killed millions of people worldwide, causing global lockdown. And for decades, HIV has been affecting millions of people, with the first person being cured from the virus in 2008, although he was ultimately diagnosed with blood cancer in 2020.