Man Found Hanging At Home In Dunfermline, St. Andrew

Based on reports, officers attached to C.I.D Grenville went on enquiries at Dunfermline, St. Andrew at the home of 45-year-old Businessman Glenroy Antoine on 25.12.23.

Upon their arrival they met and spoke to a family member who stated that Mr. Antoine lived by himself and that they were last in contact with him at 3:30 P.M on the 23.12.2023.

The relative went on to add that on 25.12.23 he tried calling to wish him Christmas greetings but got no response.

He further stated that at 7:30 PM, he along with other family members he went to Mr Antoine’s house which was locked.

As a result officers attached to the Fire Department used a bolt cutter to access the house and on entering the house, the body of Glenroy Antoine was observed hanging from the roof of his bedroom.

His body was examined by a medical doctor who pronounced him dead. Investigation continues.