Man Charged With Trafficking In A Controlled Drug, Remanded 

PR – During a search of a barrel at the St. George’s Port on Wednesday 31st May 2023, Custom Officers discovered 6.22 pounds of Cannabis which carries an estimated street value of $54, 460.00ecc. The barrel was in the possession of Jeremy David, 32 years old, Sound Engineer of Cook Hill Road, St. Andrew. 

The barrel and its contents were later handed over to the police along with Mr. David, for further investigation.  

As a result, Mr. David was subsequently arrested and charged with the offence of Possession of a Controlled Drug. He appeared at the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court today, Friday 2nd June 2023, where he pleaded guilty to the charge. He was remanded to His Majesty’s Prisons, pending sentencing.

Mr. David is scheduled to reappear in court on Monday 12th June 2023.