Man Charged With Killing Wife Outside Bank Claims They Had Money Issues

(NEW YORK POST) – A Maryland man charged with mowing down his wife of 40 years outside a bank had allegedly been having money issues, officials said.

Himanshu Maganlal Tanna, 59, is accused of repeatedly ramming his SUV into his wife, Alka Himanshu Tanna, as she left a Capital One bank in Colesville last Friday, police said.

Tanna later admitted to investigators that the couple had run into financial problems related to the wine and beer store they owned, court documents obtained by NBC4 showed.

The couple had allegedly been arguing of late because the wife wanted to renew the lease on the store, but Tanna just wanted to get rid of it.

Tanna also believed his wife had been dipping into the $200,000 in cash they kept hidden in their home without telling him what she was buying, according to the documents.

Local liquor license records show the couple owns the Wheaton Park Beer and Wine Corporation in nearby Glenmont.

Tanna, who has been in custody without bond since he was arrested at the scene last week, is charged with first-degree murder.

Police said Tanna accelerated and struck his wife with his SUV when she started walking across the bank’s parking lot just after midday.

He allegedly ran over her several times before crashing his vehicle into a lamp post.

The wife was pronounced dead at the scene, cops said.