Man Accused Of Strangling 5-Year Old Now A Suspect In Newborn Daughter’s Death

(NEW YORK POST) – A man accused of murdering a 5-year old girl he paid to have sex with is now a suspect in his 2005 death of his newborn daughter, a report said.

Jeremy Williams, 37, allegedly strangled Kamarie Holland in Alabama last month after paying the girl’s mother, Kristy Siple, to sexually abuse the girl.

His arrest on a capital murder charge for Karmarie’s death has sparked cops in Alaska to reopen the cold case of Williams’ daughter, Naudia Treniece, who died at 1-month old from blunt force trauma, WRBL-TV reported.

Steve Dutra, police chief of the Alaskan city of North Pole, confirmed the case had been reopened to the station on Thursday. Williams had previously lived in North Pole with Naudia’s mother, who was stationed there with the Air Force, according to the report.

But no charges were ever brought against Williams after investigations by North Pole police and the Air Force, WRBL stated.

After Williams’ was arrested in Kamarie’s case, authorities in Alabama noted during a press conference that Williams had been a suspect in Alaska but was never charged due to a lack of evidence. There were no immediate details on the circumstances of Naudia’s death.

Kamarie was reported missing from her mother’s home in Columbus, Ga. on Dec. 13. The child was found dead later that day in Phenix City, Ala., in a home where Williams once lived.

Williams was slapped with a capital murder charge and Siple was charged with murder and human trafficking. The mom had reported her child missing, then appeared in a tearful interview with WTVM-TV denying involvement and claiming she “lived for” Kamarie.

Kamarie’s father had custody and the girl had been visiting Siple when she disappeared, reports said. The girl was strangled with a ligature, authorities said, according to

Williams was accused of child abuse twice before, but acquitted once while the resolution of his second case wasn’t known, said.