Major Upgrades To Ministry Of Agriculture’s Propagation Stations 

PR – The Government of Grenada has invested EC $343,000 into the upgrading of the Mirabeau Propagation Station in St.  Andrew and the Ashenden Propagation Station in St. David. 

Construction work on those facilities began in December of 2021, with major upgrades to  the administrative building at the Mirabeau Station and the shade houses at Ashenden. 

“Ensuring that the space the workers share daily is one of comfort is of paramount  importance to the Ministry,” said Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Peter David during a visit  to the Ashenden station last week. 

Manager of the station is Allison Haynes said, “We have installed three new washroom  facilities for the workers, and we have also expanded the building so that we can better  accommodate the staff. We have also installed a new area for filing. The roof has been  completely replaced, and we have also installed air conditioning so that it would be  comfortable, not only for our workers but for our clients when they come to do business  at the station.” 

A total of EC $173,000 is being expended on the work being done at the Ashenden  Station. Ashenden is known for its minor spices and wide array of exotic flowers that  attract not only locals but also serve as a popular spot for tourists. 

Acting Chief Agricultural Officer, Trevor Thompson, said the renovations will make a  difference in plant propagation at the facility. 

“After Mirabeau, this is the second premiere station for propagation on the island. I think  this reflects the new thrusts that we are putting in agriculture in terms of seeking to do the  transformation that would generate the momentum we want to see in the agriculture  sector – investment, increased acreage, increased productivity, better value, better  quality, better prices and expanding into the export market,” he said. 

“We would improve the quantity, quality, and types of exotic flowers that we have,” said  Minister David. “ The increase in the propagation of these items will also lead to increased  GDP.”

Work at the propagation stations is expected to be completed at the end of February.