Major Rehabilitation Work On Airport Bypass Road To Begin Soon

PR – Major rehabilitation works are due to commence on the Airport  Bypass Road in Point Salines this month.  

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development is therefore asking the motoring public to be aware of  this and to exercise extra caution when traversing the area. 

The planned work will be undertaken in two phases, the first of which will start on April 19. This  phase will focus on the section of road overlooking the Public Carpark, leading up to the top  junction near the “Concrete Strip Roadway”. The public is advised that this entire segment of road  will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the construction period. 

Phase 2 will commence after the first phase is substantially completed and will cover the section  of the Point Salines Main Road between the junction of the Amerijet road-access to the Maurice  Bishop International Airport (MBIA) and the mini-roundabout close to the passenger arrival  terminal building. 

Work on that section of road will be carried out lane by lane, and will be limited to distances not  exceeding 100 metres at a time to minimise interruption to the flow of traffic.  

Flashing barricade warning lights will be deployed, as an additional precautionary measure, along  with the use of prominent signage, to ensure the safety of road users, particularly at nighttime.  

Pedestrians and motorists are encouraged to exercise due care and attention when traveling the  route, especially when construction work is in progress. 

The Ministry assures the public that every effort will be made to minimise any inconvenience that  may arise as a result of this undertaking, and solicits the cooperation and understanding of  everyone likely to be affected during the execution of the work, especially residents who live  within the immediate vicinity of the project.  

It is anticipated that work on both phases will be completed within seven months. 

This Airport Bypass Road contract forms part of the overall Airport Upgrade and Refurbishment  project currently being carried out by China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd with funding provided  by China Exim Bank and the Government of Grenada.