Macmillan Education Caribbean launches ‘Let’s Pass CPEA Maths’ Mobile Revision App

PR – Macmillan Education Caribbean has announced the launch of its new revision mobile app, ‘Let’s Pass CPEA Maths’, which provides a new, digital facet to revision for the upcoming Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) Maths exams.

The app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, has been created by Macmillan Education Caribbean’s digital and design teams and provides a wealth of revision questions for BPEA Maths supporting the textbook Let’s Pass CPEA Maths.

With the CPEA exams coming up on the 12th and 13th May, this app will provide an extra way for students to revise for their exams. This digital revision resource encourages short bursts of revision on the go, providing a valuable additional supplement to the Let’s Pass Maths revision book. 

Grenada, Antigua, St Vincent, Anguilla, Montserrat, and St Lucia, BVI, Turks & Caicos, and Barbados, are traditionally known to take the CPEA exams.

The ‘Let’s Pass CPEA Maths’ app boasts a range of features, designed to make revision engaging and effective. Divided into two sections, the app offers students the chance to learn and put their learnings into practice. The ‘learning’ section is divided into 16 topics for digestible bite-sized study, while the ‘practice’ section provides ‘half’ and ‘full’ timed revision quizzes. These quizzes utilise hundreds of questions just like the ones in the CPEA tests, that are automatically marked for instant feedback.

The ‘Let’s Pass CPEA Maths’ revision app could mean exciting things for the future of digital learning, both for Macmillan Education Caribbean and across the Caribbean as a whole. 

According to James Orr, publisher at Macmillan Education Caribbean, “It is great to bring some of its expertise in digital learning to the Caribbean by releasing our first mobile app. It’s an exciting development for both Macmillan and CPEA students who can now practise for their tests and get instant feedback at any time, in a fun way. We are encouraged by the results in trials, and we think this is the start of a new way for students to make sure they are well prepared.”

As technology remains ever popular, many mobile applications have been developed to further support learning, as well as providing young learners with alternative revision methods which suit them. One commendable feature of mobile study apps, for example, are their portable and flexible nature. 

The simplicity of Macmillan Education Caribbean’s ‘Let’s Pass CPEA Maths’ app also makes it an accessible and engaging learning tool for students revising for the upcoming CPEA Exams.

The application is sure to see another generation of students across the Caribbean through their CPEA Maths Exams and instil learners with the confidence they need as they navigate their academic futures.