Macmillan Education Caribbean Introduces #TeachersTips, A Social Media Campaign To Reinvigorate Educators


PR – After a very different few years of teaching throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Macmillan Education Caribbean has launched a fun social media campaign to help refresh and encourage educators as they return from the holidays.

Dubbed #TeachersTips, this campaign launched on January 17th and will be running across Macmillan Caribbean’s social platforms throughout January and February. The campaign features videos and quotes from four educational experts, some of whom have contributed to the Macmillan Education-Caribbean materials already in use across the islands.

Teachers Tips will focus on five different themes and skills that educators can incorporate into their classrooms, with the experts offering both opinions and practical advice on each theme. Each week will explore a new theme. The campaign can be followed on Macmillan Education Caribbean’s Twitter and Facebook page, as well as their newly established LinkedIn page.

The campaign features Andrew Jeffrey, an author, Primary Maths Consultant and expert on the Singapore Approach in Mathematics, and Debbie Roberts, well-known author for the Caribbean and experienced teacher trainer. Further advice comes from featured author and teacher trainer Tony Cotton, who has written a book on teaching during the pandemic, and Bob Kibble, editor and writer for the Max Science Primary series. Each of these education experts has extensive experience in teaching and the challenges it can pose. Additionally, each expert has written educational texts, and are highly familiar with how to use a range of activities to engage young learners.

One of the biggest conversations tackled in the Teachers Tips campaign is how to engage learners when they may not be physically in the classroom. The emphasis on the remote nature of much learning means that this campaign is designed for any educator – whether they are teachers themselves, or people who want to support their child’s learning at home. 

Featured expert Andrew Jeffrey said about the campaign: “I very much enjoyed working on this project. I’m looking forward to seeing how it resonates with teachers.”

To follow the campaign, please visit the Macmillan Education Caribbean social media pages.