Macmillan Education Caribbean Announces Its ‘Maximising Maths’ Week Of Webinars

PR – Macmillan Education Caribbean has announced a week of Maths webinars designed to boost educators’ confidence in the Maths classroom by diversifying their educational toolkit. The week, called ‘Maximising Maths’, will run across social media, bringing real-world Maths and teaching ideas to audiences online. 

These webinars, which are set to run from 26-29 September, will provide a comprehensive week of training to any teacher wishing to get involved. Maths expert Tony Cotton will be leading the sessions, and will be joined for different sessions by co-hosts Andrew Jeffrey (Maths expert) and Charlotte Rance (Literacy expert) for a varied and interesting week.

Maximising Maths will equip educators with the tools needed to make key Maths skills, such as communicating, problem-solving, connecting and reasoning, fun and engaging for learners. Teachers will also discover how to cater to a wide range of abilities and make their Maths classrooms as inclusive as possible.

The four webinars will run from Monday 26 to Thursday 29 of September. Attendees can expect to hear from experts on a range of engaging topics including Maths Everywhere: How The Real-World Can Help You Teach Maths (Tony Cotton) and Applying Maths: Teaching Maths Through Storytelling (Charlotte Rance and Andrew Jeffrey). Those who attend each session will receive a certificate of attendance.

The sessions will lean on key concepts from Macmillan Education’s new Maths series, Max Maths – Making Real-World Connections, exploring how these skills can instil a love of Maths in young learners. 

Follow the Maximising Maths campaign on Macmillan Education Caribbean’s socials or visit their website for more information.