Lifeguards Commended For Excellent Service At Grand Anse And Bathway Beaches

PR – The Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Climate Resilience and the Environment expresses commendation to Grenada Lifeguards on the excellent service it is providing at Grand Anse and Bathway beaches.

Special recognition must be given to lifeguard Mr. Andrew Fleming, attached to Bathway  Beach, for saving the life of 75-year-old Randolph Alexander of Mt. Rose, St. Parick, who  encountered difficulties while swimming at Bathway on the morning of Saturday May 14,  2022. The Ministry recognises that there have been other incidents where the work of  lifeguards has been instrumental in preserving lives and as such, acknowledges the  invaluable efforts of all. 

The Ministry wants to place on record that since the lifeguard service was outsourced in  January 2020 to Grenada Lifeguards, its Director, Ms. Deb Eastwood has conducted  extensive training of the lifeguards on both Grand Anse and Bathway beaches. A  lifeguard tower was recently erected at Bathway, and both teams are well equipped to  efficiently perform their duties. There is also a more visible presence of lifeguards on  both beaches, which gives beachgoers a greater sense of security. 

Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Climate Change and the Environment, Hon. Clarice  Modeste Curwen is pleased with the improvement in safety measures at the beaches,  and the lives saved thus far. 

The Ministry of Tourism takes the opportunity to thank Grenada Lifeguards for the  important and excellent service it is providing, and assures the public that it plans to  extend the service to more beaches.