Lauriston Restoration And Rehabilitation Project Moves To Next Phase

PR – Another component of the Lauriston Rehabilitation and Restoration Project is about to commence. This will involve the construction of water revetment in the area known as Behind Sands.

The construction work will help to reduce the level of coastal erosion presently experienced in the area.

A site visit, led by Head Engineer Designer of the consulting firm D&U and Zeeland Richard Flik, was conducted of the area. Among others on the visit were the pre-qualified bidders, along with Technical Officer Tara Francis of the Enhanced Direct Access Project.

Firms qualifying for the pre-bidding process are local construction firm Sky Construction represented by James Stafford; OB Sadoo Engineering Services of St. Lucia represented by Managing Director/Civil Engineer Owen Sadoo; and Hazzelle Aurelien Contracts Manager and Capital Signal of Trinidad that was represented by Head of Engineering, Kareem Charles.

As part of the regional pilot initiative for Enhancing Direct Access (EDA), the Government of Grenada received financing from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to conduct feasibility studies to support implementation of the Lauriston Restoration and Rehabilitation Project.

Two components of the project have been concluded: the replanting of mangroves in the area and removal of a wrecked boat.