Launch Of The COVID-19 Economic Support Stimulus Package – Phase III

PR –  The Government of Grenada, Ministry of Finance COVID -19  Economic Support Secretariat (CESS) is pleased to announce the launch of the third phase of the  Stimulus Package which will run from 1st September – 31st December 2022. 

This phase of the stimulus package will take a new format by targeting new and existing small  businesses in the informal and formal sectors through the provision of financial support in the form of  capital incentives and concessions. Its goal is to encourage business growth and expansion for persons  who are interested in beginning a new business or expanding an existing one. The government believes  that investing in our homegrown businesses can boost our economy and the morale of our people by  empowering them to support their families, employ persons, and contribute to community building in a  significant way. 

In addition, the Unemployment Benefit Assistance and SEED Programme will be extended for the  period September – December 2022 with the inclusion of beneficiaries from the island of Carriacou &  Petite Martinique. 

For more details and to obtain application forms for the programme, please visit the Secretariat located  at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium (East Wing) or website at or Tel: 435-1459  mobile: 416-0097/423-5727 or email at 

Residents in Carriacou can visit the office at the upper floor of the District Revenue Office, in  Hillsborough, Carriacou, or contact the office at Tel: 423-5749 

For More Information contact Chinnel Andrews COVID Economic Support Secretariat, Ministry  of Finance