Labour Minister Rules In Favour Of GTAWU And The Workers Of RBTT Bank Grenada Limited In Dispute On Successor Employer And Related Matters

PR – The Minister for Labour Honourable Peter David has ruled in favour of GTAWU  and the workers of RBTT Bank Grenada Limited. Honourable David has agreed  with the Union’s position that because the Bank has been sold, the workers have  the right to exercise the option to either be terminated and receive termination  allowance or continue with the new employer(s). This is in keeping with Section  45 (2) of the Employment Act of Grenada. 

This ruling is similar to the earlier ruling of the Labour Commissioner – Mr.  Cyrus Griffith.  

Honourable David had also ruled in November 2020 that in keeping with the  Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) the notice of retrenchment to the Union  is separate and apart from notice to the workers and must not be given con currently.  

The Union has called for all industrial relations matters to be resolved first before  the Government of Grenada grant final approval for the completion of the local regulatory process. 

The Bank was represented by Messrs. Condell Simmons, Senior Corporate  Counsel and Employment Law and Senior Manager Employee Relations, Isaac  Solomon, Managing Director, Eastern Caribbean and Gaius Joseph, External  Legal Counsel.

The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union was represented by the  President General Comrade André Lewis, 1st Vice President Comrade Trevor  Xavier and Shop Stewards, Comrades Chanelle Stuart and Alisha Jones.