KM2 Solutions Grenada in High Demand – New Site in St. George’s Over 50% Full


KM2 Solutions launched its newest site in St. George’s, Grenada, in June of 2023 to complement its existing site in Grenville, which launched in 2010. This latest state-of-the-art facility, located near the international airport and major hotels, increased KM2’s capacity in Grenada by 500 agents and will ultimately create 650 new jobs. As of January 2024, KM2 Solutions is pleased to announce that over 50% of capacity has already been filled in the new facility due to high demand, with recruitment ongoing.

This demand is in no small way due to the high performance and professionalism of Grenada’s workforce, as top U.S. brands and Fortune 500 clients increasingly look to diversify their outsourcing needs across KM2’s broad geographic footprint. With aims to further expand operations in neighboring Barbados and St. Lucia, KM2 remains excited at the continued interest of new and existing clients in the Eastern Caribbean region and the ongoing availability of well-educated candidates to meet the demand.

“Grenada is consistently one of the best performers across all our countries of operation and with one of the lowest levels of attrition. This means that our people are not only performing at an exceptionally high level but are willing to stay and grow careers within our company. I am excited about the growth trajectory in Grenada and anticipate further growth in the not-too-distant future.” David Kreiss, President & CEO, KM2 Solutions

As KM2 Solutions enters its 20th year of operations, the Eastern Caribbean represents the genesis of KM2, upon which its continuous growth and expansion in the region and across Latin America has been based. KM2 Solutions wishes to thank the Government of Grenada and the GIDC (Grenada Investment Development Corporation) for their continued support that has been pivotal to this latest period of growth in Grenada, as KM2 strives to bring well-paid jobs to the region and further cement its position as the leader in nearshore outsourcing.

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